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Custom Sculpture Urn of beloved Malamute: I have hollowed Interior of sculpture and lined as ash chamber, which closes securely from the bottom with 4 screws.  

An 8" Custom Dog Sculpture Any Breed is $320, ash urn chamber can be created in any of my sculptures, $40 additional.

​For additional examples of Custom Pet URNS CLICK HERE

8 " Akita Sitting or lying Down $320

8"  ​Standing, running, active; $420

7 to 8" Sitting or lying down sculpture ~ $320

Made with an ash chamber, with closure on bottom +$40 additional

OR adding ashes to the sculpture clay or firing inside; no additional charge

Standing, Running or jumping poses are a joy to sculpt, but more labor intensive than sitting or lying down poses. 8" active sculpture of your dog is $420 ( sitting or lying down $320)

​Jack Russell terriers are great subjects in motion!

Minette Sculpture ~ 30 YEARS of Animal Sculpture

Custom Pet Sculpture, Urns & Memorials

YOUR Pet Sculpted From YOUR Photos